Lifelong City Dwellers Buying in Coachella Valley

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Lifelong City Dwellers Are Moving to the Coachella Valley from the Los Angeles Area

Taking place is another notable shift in the housing market. Lifelong City dwellers currently living in densely populated areas have been most hit by the pandemic and are migrating out of the Los Angeles area to the Coachella Valley.

When we were ordered to shelter in place, many individuals were sent home to work. This created an increase in remote workspaces, as well as a rise in entrepreneurship, all in response to our current situation.

The affluent and others that have the ability to move are becoming more discerning about their permanent residences. Without the need to commute, large, dense cities have become less desirable; especially with an uptick in reported illness. 

The truth is, the Real Estate Industry has seen many ups and downs, from devastating recessions to housing booms and we have managed to come through stronger every time. We know that there are some individuals who are scared at this time; however, the housing market continues forward, will eventually return and grow in all sectors. We feel this will be especially true for the luxury market.

What we are finding that our clients need now more than ever, are knowledgeable professionals who can guide them through this difficult time we all are facing. They want to overcome it’s unique challenges and need assistance to make the best decision for their families. They are finding that it is more difficult than ever to evaluate and ascertain which is the best city or community for their families to live. They are looking for a professional that knows the market down to the neighborhood or community to help them make this decision.

We can be your professional representative during this difficult time to help you make the best decision for you family. Call us today.


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