What Does Your Remote Workspace Look Like?

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We have now been sheltering in place for a few weeks and many of us have had to learn how to work from home without having a home office. For many of us, now more than ever, a home office is a necessity as we shelter in place and work from home.

You will find it is possible to create a home office in a home or even a studio apartment. All is needed, is a dedicated area of your home, an extra room or guest bedroom that you probably hardly use. In some cases, working from home may become the new norm. If so, you could consider building a custom addition onto your home to serve as your home office. Whatever you decide, just remember it is important to make a space that you can call your own to help optimize your productivity.

A home office should be a space as separate as possible from all the other household activities. Ideally, it will have a door to close out noise and distractions. If you are not fortunate enough to have an extra bedroom, you should look for an isolated space in another area of your home that could work by using a folding screen or bookcase to create your private work area. Even a small corner with a desk can create a work atmosphere.

Once you have created your home office space and have your desk or other surface for your computer, you will need a chair and space for your files or reference materials. You may also need to setup a printer or scanner in your home office.

If you need to work with clients or other members of your team, there are applications like Microsoft Teams and Evernote that will allow you to work together and stay on the same page. If you need to conduct conference calls or hold office meetings, consider using Zoom or some of the other applications that are available to hold productive working meetings. You will find today that there are many different possibilities available for working with others from your home office.

Last but not least, you will need to set some ground rules with your family, as well as yourself about the use of the space, noise and interruptions. Family members need to understand that interruptions, distractions or noise take away form your productivity.

 Since schools have been closed and children are learning from home, they will need their own area dedicated for them to participate in online classes and do their homework.

Many of us have made the shift to working from home and having a dedicated home office has earned its place in our home. In fact, home offices or spaces dedicated to work at home over the last few years have become essential to home buyers when looking for a new home; however, now they may have become a necessity.

Our way of life has changed and we are all in this together as we work toward ending the pandemic.

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