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 1. "Bill Weaver shines excellence in his field. His knowledge, patience, advocacy are outstanding. We always felt he had our best interest.This was out third transaction with Bill. It was seamless, and stress free even in light of the current Pandemic!"

- M. Elisha - Rancho Mirage



2. "After many months, and 3 other realtors who failed to bring me an offer, I met two extraordinary realtors, Bill Weaver and Frank Arellano. Their dedication, attention to detail, hands-on assistance in correcting unsightly details, and vast knowledge of how to enable a potential buyer to assume a solar lease brought me a buyer. I had the confidence to leave all the details in their hands. They have my highest recommendation and are truly the sine qua non of realtors.”

- Carol Frankel - Rancho Mirage



3. "The service and personal attention we received from Frank Arellano & Bill Weaver was exceptional and unexpected from a Realtor! They are truly a high-caliber team. Their knowledge of the local market and their key contacts in the community helped us in our search for our dream home in Rancho  Mirage. After patiently going through listings and explaining area details with us, they made sure we got the best value on the purchase of our new home. They are tough and knowledgeable negotiators and absolutely the only Realtor team you want in your corner. Regardless of whether you are buying or selling, I would highly recommend The Frank Arellano & Bill Weaver Group to help you in your life changing move. We could not have asked for better Realtors to guide us through the complicated purchase process."

Audy Morgan - Rancho Mirage

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4. "Bill helped a friend of ours buy a beautiful home in Palm Springs. Our friend recommended him so highly that we worked with him too. We were very glad we did: he worked really hard on our behalf, brought impeccable integrity to the entire process, and was a pleasure to spend time with. We hope to be in a position to work with him again!"

- Mark - Whitewater Club Drive, Palm Springs

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5. "Bill was my trusted advisor on my new home in Rancho Mirage. He was attentive in listening to desires for my new home and showed me over 100 homes. He had great patience. Once we landed on a target, Bill lead the negotiations for me and got the best deal. He worked with the inspectors to closely to  insure we knew the issues with the property and directed the negotiations appropriately. He worked very diligently with all the key players (seller broker, mortgage broker etc) to insure we all stayed on track for the closing. His attention to detail and unyielding commitment to doing a great job for his client is unsurpassed!"

- Turnbaugh - Rancho Mirage


6. "Frank & Bill Listed our condo in Palm Springs and we started what we felt was our impossible journey to find a new home. They were steadfast in pursing the task and in only two months we had closed the deal on our condo and moved into our new Home in Cathedral City. They always provides us assurance and with their experience and tack record, we trusted them to handle all negotiations for us.  We now have the perfect home with a pool and paid Solar. They are the BEST!​"

- Byron & Rich - Palm Springs


7. "I’ve worked with several realtors in my life. There are only few I would wholeheartedly recommend, and Bill Weaver Is definitely among them. He’s professional, accommodating, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with."

- Dirk - Cathedral City 


8. "I enjoyed working with you. You are a great realtor and negotiator."

- RR - Palm Springs


9. "We have known Bill for over 3 years first as our agent for our Palm Springs rental and then as our friend. Last year we bought our first home in Rancho Mirage. He is the most diligent and honest agent that we have ever worked with. His attention to detail with a transaction begins with the search, and he will work tirelessly to find you your perfect home. He provided us with all the market information to make a fair offer. He has an innate ability to read his clients and then guide them to the right property based upon his market knowledge. Whether it is a multi-million dollar property or something less, you can trust that you will get amazing service from Bill from the search to the day you open the door to your new home. Thank you Bill!!!"

– Lisa & Kate - Rancho Mirage



10. "Out of the blue, I decided to purchase a piece of land in Palms Springs California for my eventual retirement. I am from Canada. I checked regional website for Lots for sale and found a few. I also found the least expensive one 10 minutes from Downtown Palms Spring. I made a few request through the website and Bill responded. Since I did not know much about how land is bought and sold in California and I did not want to be taken advantage of, I progressed cautiously, asking many questions. Bill responded to my question and send me written details for confirmation which gave me confidence to go through and finish what I had started. The transaction went through fairly smoothly. The issues were around procedures. I felt that Bill was covering my back in California with the seller, the escrow company etc., he was making sure that details were taken care of and when it appears that the ball was going to be drop, he picked it up and make sure it kept on Moving. Many thanks to Bill for making a new experience a very positive one."

– Gilles - Palm Springs


11. "While on an extended weekend my partner and I decided to “kick-the-tires” and look at a few homes in the Palms Springs area. As such, we perused the Zillow listings and made a request to view a few properties. We were contacted immediately. We arranged to meet up that afternoon but at the last minute we had to cancel our appointment.

However, upon returning back home we felt that the Coachella Valley offered us a place to decompress from the fast pace of San Francisco and decided that “now’s the time to look into a second home.”

Once again – we examined the listings on Zillow and saw three homes that caught our eyes. I emailed and informed him of the properties we liked on Zillow and also informed him that I would be flying out that weekend. He expressed his happiness to show me the listings and anything else that I’d like to see in the area.

When Bill met up with me we had a long chat about what my partner and my needs are in a home and location, as well as what we desired. After our initial meeting he showed me the properties I originally came down to see however I didn’t like them. I made other trips back to Palm Springs in search of the listings I would find online. However, none of them turned out to be the home that fit. Thankfully, because Bill is incredibly DETAILED and PROCESS oriented and that he listens carefully – he was able to find us the perfect home that "ticked" all the boxes. In addition, he was able to utilize his sharp negotiation skills in achieving us in finding our perfect home - at the "right" price.

Because, our closing was scheduled during our busiest times when both my partner and I were going to be out of the country - Bill took charge and informed us not to worry. In fact he ended up housesitting for two-weeks for us – thank you Bill!

So, I’d have to say – if you’re looking for a “typical” Real Estate Agent – you would not find it in Bill. However, if you’re looking for an excellent negotiator that doesn’t miss a beat; who is smart and diligent and has a “can-do” attitude, and who truly has your back - than Bill is your man! Many Thanks Bill."

- Bobby & John - Palm Springs

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12. "Bill Weaver is a special person, and the qualities that make him so carry over to make him a special Real Estate Agent. Detailed, thorough, articulate, intelligent, punctual, attentive, determined, loyal and very hard working are some of Bill's qualities that came to mind. He can start from the detail and paint the big picture or examine the big picture to find and describe the important detail. I'm a 30 year retired Commercial Real Estate Agent so I value and have great respect for an agent who can do this and then impress and motivate a client to move forward. Bill uses his talents and abilities to successfully do this, and equally as important, his clients realize and appreciate it, and end up happily accomplishing their goals. He did it for us, and I would not hesitate to hire Bill again."

- Craig A. Cooperstein - Palm Springs

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13. "We were very impressed by Bill’s professionalism and competence. He listened carefully to our needs, provided excellent guidance, and kept us informed during the sales process. We really appreciated Bill’s high level of personal involvement and his attention to detail. He ensured that our needs were clearly defined in the sales contract and he negotiated a deal which we felt comfortable. We also appreciated Bill’s guidance at closing. Overall, we were very pleased with Bill and we would use his services again."

- Gary & David - Rancho Mirage

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14. "Bill is great!!! He treated us like kings and made sure we were happy with where we were living! Bill went to great lengths to work hand in hand with the original owners and their agent!! I cannot recommend him highly enough, we worked with Bill and really got to know him, he is such a thoughtful and considerate agent, unlike several agents we have had experience with in the past. For Bill, it was more than just a commission, he never treated us like we were a sales goal or just a number, he went above and beyond to see to it that we were happy with our decision and that we were treated with respect and dignity. It was so refreshing to work with a real human being, not just a heavily scripted drone. Also, Bill's acumen for details, financial strategy, market assessment were obvious right off the bat! He's a great guy to work with and we were always very relaxed around him!!"

– Buddy - Palm Springs


15. "Bill was responsive, knowledgeable & professional. I have no regrets in using them to sell my home. Real estate deals can be stressful for the seller & buyer. His work & attention to detail made the process painless. I would recommend him to anyone."

– Ron Thomas - Desert Hot Springs


16. "I just closed on a property in Palm Springs with Bill Weaver. Bill is a straight shooter. I cannot recommend someone enough. He provided me with open honest answers and took the time to explain the details. If I had a question, Bill provided the answer immediately within the same day. There were no hiccups in the process because of Bill's attention to detail. He processed every document and every detail completely and on time. Bill showed the property to me several times and he was on site when I was not available, i.e., tree trimming, termite inspection... When we were closing, he sent me all of the key contacts for utilities but also he sent contacts for a locksmith and AC company. Bill exceeded my expectations."

– Darrell - Palm Springs

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17. "You are our Real Estate Angel!!!! Thank you so much for your expertise, and overwhelming professionalism. I will be referring you to anyone who is looking or selling. You are the simply the best. You are helping to make our dream come true, Bill Weaver. We love our new house!!!"

– William Simkins - Thousand Palms

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17. "Hi Bill.........I moved in a week ago today............I love it.........I just wanted to thank you for all your help. Moving was a huge thing for me but you made it a lot easier with your guidance. I will never forget your kindness and hard work. Thank you so much for helping me through the process of buying a condo. This is a new beginning for me. We will have to get together to celebrate soon. Please let me know when you have some free time. Have a great day my friend................."

- Jack - Palm Springs


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